Do’s and Dont’s for Valentine’s Day


Keep a lip balm handy


Mouth freshening strips/ mouth wash (travel sized)

Instead of keeping a tooth brush, brush your teeth beforehand ( No one wants to know what you had for dinner last night)

Dental floss! (don’t be a wuss, it is painless)

Make sure your place is clean, tidy, and rid of smelly old socks…just in case! ;)


Don’t drench yourself in cologne or perfume (For Both Guys and Girls)

Guys: Try to pay for the Girl (At least, just on this day!)

Eat together with your date: Don’t start eating before her. Neither should you race her, dumbass.

Don’t publicly let out bodily fluids and gases (a wine cork or two from the sommelier, perhaps?)

Don’t stare at your date’s chest the whole time (A glance will do)

Don’t go for that garlic-inundated dish. Your date’s not a vampire.

Don’t eat messily. Be less barbaric than you usually are. (Just kidding)

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