You’ve come a long way doll!

Since its conception in 1959 the Barbie Doll has come a long way. Over the years we have seen the career oriented Astronaut Barbie, the scantily clad bikini Barbie and even Barbie’s pregnant friend Midge. It’s considered a must have for every little girl and studies have shown that little girls who play with Barbies are better socialized into a female role.

However, Mattel’s latest Barbie, the Tokidoki Barbie [which I absolutely want! Just putting it out there ;) ] has caused a stir among parents. This pink haired doll comes with tattoos and proudly sports a bare shoulder. By the way, this isn’t the first time Mattel has come up with a Barbie with tattoos. There have been versions of Barbie with removable tattoos but this girl has some serious ink on! Many parents are enraged by Mattel’s latest creation and believe that it will cause their little girls to turn into Goth chicks cum fashionistas.

Oh blah! Please! if anything it is just a recreation of what kid’s already see on the streets these days and personally I can’t understand what all the fuss is about. Anyways, this Barbie is a collector’s edition and is available for only a limited amount of time. It’s already out of stock online and Barbie collectors have their fingers crossed for a new stock!

The doll costs US$50 and you can try your luck at Barbiecollector or tokidoki.

Let us know if you like this Barbie or whether you think it will have a negative impact on children? If you were or are a parent will you purchase it for your little girl?

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