Princess Protection Program

A few days back, I was watching Princess Protection Program. Why? Because I felt like it and also because I am a 24 year
old who likes Disney! No pedo! 
Anyways, in this particular movie, Demi Lovato is a princess who needs to be protected from bad people. Talk about clichéd! However, this got me thinking that the whole purpose of Bree is to empower women. We don’t particularly have a feminist agenda but we want women all over the world to know that they are loved and appreciated and to show them that each and everyone of them can be independent. So, here is our ‘princess protection plan’ for you.
1) Learn Judo 
Or any other defensive support for that matter. The point is that not only is it good for your body, can help you lose weight, but it can also help you protect yourself if need be.
2) I can’t do extreme sports what do I do?
Sports that require a lot of training are not everyone’s cup of tea. However, for your own well being learn something that will improve your reflexes and make your body stronger. Pilates is a good option and there are many places that teach pilates. Some of these places also give free lessons for starters, so do give it a try!
3) No time for exercise
If you are a busy woman chances are that you don’t have time to exercise regularly save for that one run every once in a while. That’s alright, keep up the good work but do keep a bottle of pepper spray handy for all those pesky people. Actually perfume will also do the trick just aim for the eyes!
4)Travel in packs
Remember that song by Pink that says how stupid girls travel in packs of two or three? Well jokes aside, if you are having a late night out it is  actually a much smarter and safer decision to stay in a group as far as possible.
we know that some people might say that you shouldn’t stay out late but a girl has to have her fun once in a while now doesn’t she?
5)if all else fails…
Well if all else fails use your lung power and use your knee power. It is a time tested and effective way to get out of bad situations! Keep your cellphone handy and have 911 on speed dials. I am guessing with Siri it will be a breeze but not as discrete I imagine!
So princesses do let us know which of these tips you are already following or are there any that you would like to share with others?

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