The Central Dogma of Losing Weight

If you are a girl/woman and are not skinny just like the 99.9% of us chances are that you have thought about weight loss and tried just about everything from extreme exercising to diet fads. Here is a thing about them: THEY DON’T WORK! Surprise surprise!

So how can you lose weight without having to pay for that gym membership you never seem to use? Here’s how.

1) Make water your favourite drink.

YES! the next time you feel thirsty pop open a bottle of water NOT soda! Imagine all the calories you won’t be putting on. Remember that age old adage, you are what you eat? Well in this case you truly are what you drink!

If you feel water is boring then jazz it up with squeezing some lemon and honey into it!

It’s also wise to have a glass of cold water when you wake up. Cold water will fill up your stomach, and you’ll burn calories to warm the water up.

Avoid Diet Soda’s and if you really feel like having one check if it has aspartame! If it does then DON’T DRINK IT! It’s as good as poisoning yourself! Drink a normal soda for heaven’s sake!


So we have all been there, where you ask? At the point where we all try diet fads! Atkin’s diet, Acai Berry diet, Cabbage soup diet (YUCK!) and the mother of all disgusting diets; the tapeworm diets! Can you imagine ingesting tapeworms to lose weight? GOSH!

Did you know that there is a woman in Japan who even tried losing weight by living on only ice cream! Too good to be true? Sadly, YES!

The thing with these diets is that although they get a lot of publicity, they promise unrealistic results and bombard you with millions of before and after photos! Funnily all the before photos portray the people as a bunch of oversized dull duds with low self confidence (Good photoshop skills much?)

These diets are not only unhealthy but the ones like tapeworm diet are extremely dangerous too!

So no matter what anyone tells you, do not go on crazy diets!

3) Diet

Wait! didn’t I just say no dieting?

Well what I mean by diet is to eat healthy! Do not pile on unnecessary pounds by eating excessive meat or consuming a lot of fat!

You are what you eat *chants*

Incorporate a lot of fruits and vegetables into your diet but a lot of veges can also lead to stomach woes so moderation is the key!

4)Eating at a specific time in a day

Studies have shown that during specific times of the day your bodies metabolic rate is higher than usual. So take advantage of that!

You should always eat breakfast within an hour of waking up. Lunch can be about 5 hours later followed by dinner around 7. If you delay, you’re going to be hungry, and the hungrier you are, the more likely you are to eat  junk food. According to Dr. Oz, the big rule of thumb is that you need to have dinner at least three hours before going to bed, so that you aren’t going to bed with a full stomach.


Obviously exercise helps a lot! So do exercise but there is no need to become an exercise buff! Start with incorporating 15-20 minutes of exercise in your everyday life and keep increasing it from there. Once you start exercising up to an hour a day, exercise on alternate days. Your body needs rest too!

Furthermore the best time for a work out is in the morning so try to squeeze in at least 15 minutes of exercise. A study showed that subjects who were put on a high-fat diet and worked out before breakfast gained no weight after six weeks, while those who worked out after breakfast gained three pounds. When you exercise in the morning you kick-start your metabolism, which will help you burn more calories throughout your day.

6) Relax

With modern day lifestyles that seems far fetched. To me it always seems like if I am not studying then I am working and vice versa!

However it is important to relax. Stress can also cause premature greying of hair and wrinkling (YIKES!!) You don’t necessarily have to take a vacation but don’t pile on more work than you can possibly manage.

And now for the most important tip! Are you ready?

7) The Best Time to Eat Junk Food!

Talk about saving the best for the last! If you want to sneak in one or two of your favorite foods on a particular day, there’s actually a time when you can enjoy them and get away with it. The best time to eat fats is at 10 a.m because fat acts as a source of energy, so have your fats in the morning so you can burn them off all day. For carbs, 1 p.m is the best time to indulge since they increase your level of serotonin and will prevent snacking throughout the rest of the day — pizza for lunch anyone?

5 p.m is the best time for an alcoholic beverage this will give your body lots of time to metabolize it by bedtime. Three cheers for happy hours!

Some important things to note! 

You need a specific number of calories during the day based on your BMR (Basal metabolic rate).

BMR for males = 66 + (13.7 x w) + (5 x h) – (6.8 x y)
  [Guys I know some of you read this too :p]

BMR for females = 655 + (9.6 x w) + (1.8 x h) – (4.7 x y)

h = height in centimeters  (inches x 2.54)

w = weight in kilograms  (pounds ÷ 2.2)

y = age in years

So make sure that you are consuming enough calories in the day. Otherwise your body is going to think it’s undergoing starvation and you will put on more weight than usual when you do eat properly! Furthermore drastically decreasing your calorie intake is going to leave you feeling lethargic and that’s not something that you want because if you are reading this you are probably a busy woman!

The most important thing to remember is that it’s not about losing weight but staying healthy! Remember when we were kids and parents and teachers used to say that health is wealth and you just couldn’t understand why they couldn’t give you more candy? Well health really is wealth and taking care of your health is the first step to being beautiful both inside and out!

So, be realistic, stop trying to look like others, eat healthy and stay happy! And that my friends is the central dogma of losing weight!


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